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Forged Carbon Fibre Pera

Forged Carbon Fibre Pera

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Product Description

Designed for the modern gentleman who appreciates luxury and sophistication, this exquisite card holder wallet for men is crafted from forged carbon fiber and premium aluminum alloy. With its minimalist design and RFID protection, it's the perfect accessory for keeping your cards organized and secure. Impress those around you with this exclusive and stylish accessory from our collection.

The Sports Car of Wallets

When we describe the wallet, you'd think we were talking about an exotic car. It has an aluminum chassis, with real carbon fiber inlay on both the front and back.

The carbon fiber used is a diagonal (aka twill) weave in a durable matte finish. The matte finish helps to prevent scratches that may otherwise show up in a high-gloss alternative.

Instant Access

The lever allows for easy access to all your cards. Simply flick the lever and pull out the card you need. With the draw slot, instantly pull out the top card with your thumb.

Safe & Secure with RFID Blocking

The aluminum chassis and real carbon fiber both provide protection from block RFID, protecting your cards from wireless skimmers. Even though your cards are easily accessed, the wallet has been engineered so they will not fall out. The cards only come out when you need them.

Easy Card Tap/NFC Access

Do you tap a lot? Pull the lever and the bottom card will be ready to tap for the ultimate convenience.

Holds 6 Credit Cards or 5-10 Total Cards + Cash

The Fantom X holds up to 6 credit cards or 10 flat cards (like an ID). Or, mix and match. Plus, the included carbon fiber & aluminum cash holder can be installed to allow you to store some cash and receipts.

The cash holder has an integrated thumb slot to allow you to take your money out conveniently. It's also modular, so if you ever need to go out cashless and want to keep things even slimmer, simply remove it.

Built To Last

With premium design and construction, the  has been tested to over half a million fanning cycles. The Fantom X's patented fanning mechanism was engineered with absolute longevity in mind. Each wallet is machined from a solid sheet of aluminum and finished with Cerakote for unmatched corrosion, chemical, and durability performance.

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